Malmstens Fisk & Kök – Lunch @Lund

2019年05月29日(水) 18:44

UXいろいろ, ヨーロッパ所々方々, Foods in Sweden, Skåne, スウェーデン, 食べるモノコト
As we were not able to find the Asparagus Festival supposed to be happening in downtown on Saturday, we chose to eat lunch here. Both fish soup and fish of the day tasted nice, but there were too much mayonnaise as an additional flavor. I got surprised to see how much butter my husband put on the bread. He is becoming a Swede.


[1] これらはセルフサービス [2] お魚スープw/マヨネーズ [3] お魚料理w/マヨネーズ


Restaurant in Lund: Malmstens Fisk & Kök

  • Address: Saluhallen, Mårtenstorget 1, 223 51 Lund
  • Official Website:
  • Category: A restaurant in Lund Market Hall
  • Dress code: Casual
  • Price: 268 SEK ≒3,070 JPY
    (2 persons, one plate each with no drink, lunch on Saturday)
  • Date: Saturday, May 25th, 2019